I am a turtle and I am doubtful 

Predators think that I’m a mouthful

Sometimes, I even wish too soar

Over the ocean, people and oar

Kids think I am stinking cute

Parents think I am a stinky hoot

All I see is dirt and sticks 

Crash! Into bramble that pricks and pricks 


I pretend to glide and fly

Yet I feel that I may die

I want to feel the touch of clouds 

And cry because I’m low to the ground 

I make burrows my second home 

Then kill and eat the shrieking worms 

People used me as a bowl

Hey listen I have germs!

All I want to do is get up in a tree,

Take a leap of faith, and soar oh so free


Name of your School: 
Hampton Roads Academy
5th grade
Homeroom Teacher: 
Mrs. Grayson
S-2 Grades 5-6