Another One

Another one

In the course of a few months

Many moons and starry skies

The sun was bright as a new day dawned in the church

Until *buzz buzz*

The phone shaking

"Can we talk?" 

Oh no

Not again

Not you

This stressor i cannot bear

I respond a neutral answer

To try to hide my pain

But there go those words

"I want to break up"



My lip quaking

Eyes watering

Diaphragm shaking

*smack* as the phone hits the floor

It all comes back

Memories from the past

The trauma

The torture

All i thought gone

"We were growing apart"

No, you set yourself apart

I spent many a night





For a future together with you

Because you showed me light after being drenched in darkness for so long

But you




For many moons 

Because you were "forcing yourself" to do something you never had to do.

You never opened your mouth

When it all started

It could have been fixed

Even though it never seemed broken

Now i lie in wait of the day we can talk face to face

Voice to voice

No screen between us

But water forms in my heavy eyes

And mucus come out my nose

So thin so swift 

That it feels like blood

A shower doesnt help

And letting others know the details makes me break more

All because you thought your chore

Was to keep me happy

Before you were gratified

And desires spoken

But now i quote 

"I still want to be friends"

What a lie

A few months at best i give this

Until we hate each other again

But I could never hate you again

After you saved me from my own demented thoughts

After the dates

The hugs

The kisses

The love

And before you said goodbye

You gave a parting kiss

That still lingers on my lips

Those rings that said

"I'll be the best"


"I'll love you to the end"

Now my finger is bare 

As a newborn child

Covered in viscera and blood

As the covenant you made

Destroyed by a flame

That died by itself

But i sit here

In the dark


What did I do wrong?

Its out of my control

And from this

A lesson so bold


To be learned in every new life

Men are shit unless they change that themselves


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Lake Taylor High School
S-5 Grades 11-12