Image may contain: possible text that says 'Calliope Second Prize 2019 ESL Poetry & Prose Rabia Ahrar WISHES DIED am flower in the garden of darkness, gardeners give am fower in the garden hope, everyone happy they see flower, and natural But, unfortunately, the don't nothing thorns cruel to eand cut flower gardeners outside the hope though have any food, in dry But, the gardeners become and stop the soul, the yard those don't know But, my flower which does belong just one garden, But, my soul came human But, will fight with those who took my rights.'

I Want To Drink
I am thirsty to find out the spirituality of God,
A goblet is not enough for me, I need to drink a bottle of wine of God.
I don’t need to drink just one, two or three of bottles of awareness of God,
So, I need to drink casks of monotheism to know my God,
I am like a piece of dust full of sins and ignorant of why I came,
I need to know myself starting from my creation, in the beginning, nothing, I was just a dirty piece of clay in the land of unknown.
I am the son of Adam, but I am thirsty to know my land.
From which land I came, in the beginning, and to which land I will be back.
I need to drink the wine of understanding myself.
Why I came and why I should go back to that land I came from
I should know this land is an exam, on that land is my own land.
I am thirsty to drink more than goblets of knowledge of Spirituality of God.
Until my spiritual thirst becomes full of Unique Worship in the way of God.

(Rabia Ahrar) (C) All rights reserved by the author.

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Rabia Ahrar