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  1. Edgar Allen Memorial, any form, any subject
    judge: Melanie Almeder; winner: Derek Kannemeyer

Derek Kannemeyer:            Crossing The Nickel Bridge
Melanie Almeder:                Two Bus Poems

  1. Sarah Lockwood Memorial, a sonnet in rhyme and meter
    judge: Henry Hart; winner: Eliot Khalil Wilson

Eliot Khalil Wilson:              The Insurgent
Henry Hart:                          First Wake

  1. Bess Gresham Memorial, on friends and friendship
    judge: Dorianne Laux; winner: Frederick Wilbur

Frederick Wilbur:                The Wisdom of Maintenance
Dorianne Laux:                    Only As The Day Is Long

  1. Carleton Drewry Memorial, on farm life or working the earth
    judge: Joshua Poteat; winner: Frederick Wilbur

Frederick Wilbur:                Hearting
Joshua Poteat:                      City, there’s a prayer for you

  1. Brodie Herndon Memorial, on heroism
    judge: Yolanda Taylor; winner: Ann Marie Boyden

Ann Marie Boyden:              Worship
Alice B. Toklas:                      a note from Gertrude Stein to Brodie Herndon
Brodie Herndon:                   The Broken Signpost

  1. Nancy Byrd Turner Memorial, a sonnet or other traditional form
    judge: Nick Lantz; winner: Bill Glose

Bill Glose:                               Anatomy Lesson
Nick Lantz:                             Posthumanism
Nancy Byrd Turner:              Be Careful In A Dream

  1. Judah, Sarah, Grace, & Tom Memorial, encouraging reflection on inter-ethnic relations
    judge: Jacqueline Bishop; winner: Erin Newton Wells

Erin Newton Wells:               Not Only Charleston
Jacqueline Bishop:                 Wandering Jew

  1. Cenie H. Moon Prize, on a woman or women
    judge: Judy Longley; winner: Marian Pearce

Marian Pearce:                         These Old Photos
Judy Longley:                            Picture Without A Frame

  1. Handy Andy Prize, for a limerick
    judge: Wilda Morris; winner: Barbara Blanks

Barbara Blanks:                        The Errant Heron (2013 winner; see the poem page)
Wilda Morris:                            In The Aftermath

  1. Ada Sanderson Memorial, on nature
    judge: Joanna Catherine Scott; winner: Ray Abell

Ray Abell:                                  Solitaire (desert memories, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
Joanna Catherine Scott:         Happiness

  1. Charlotte Wise Memorial, any form, any subject
    judge: John Amen; winner: Eric Forsbergh

Eric Forsbergh:                         Unexplained Weight Loss
John Amen:                                self-portrait twilight on a Thursday

  1. Robert S. Sergeant Memorial, on birds
    judge: Charles Clifford Brooks; winner: Marguerite Thoburn Watkins

Marguerite Thoburn Watkins: A Flight of Swans
Clifford Brooks:                          My Lady Is The Lark
Holly Holt:                                   artwork for My Lady Is The Lark

  1. Elizabeth Neuwirth Memorial, iambic pentameter, on a specific (non-poetry) work of art
    judge: John Casteen; winner: Erin Newton Wells

Erin Newton Wells:                   The Hunter, by Andrew Wyeth
Ulrich Troubetzkoy:                  The Complaint Of Rodrigo De Triano

  1. Laura Day Boggs Bolling Memorial, a poem (max. 20 lines) aimed at children aged 10-12
    judge: Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda; winner: Connie McKenna

Connie McKenna:                      Our Two Cats
Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda:        Painting In An Enclosed Field At Saint-Paul Hospital

  1. Miriam Rachimi Memorial, on the spiritual impact of losing, or almost losing, a loved one
    judge: Arlene Gay Levine; winner, Barbara Stout

Arlene Gay Levine:                   Each Moment
(Barbara Stout’s winning poem, “Thaw”, appears in the current issue of Passages)

  1. Joe Pendleton Campbell Memorial, a narrative poem
    judge: Robin Behn; winner: Chapman Hood Frazier

Chapman Hood Frazier:          I Know What I Like
Robin Behn:                              Three Horses

  1. Sestina/Villanelle Award, a traditional sestina or villanelle
    judge: Jennifer Koster; winner: James Metz

James Metz:                              The Night Before The Operation
Jenny Koster:                            My Sister’s Kitchen

  1. Raymond Levi Haislip Memorial, celebrating technology
    judge: Lisa Russ Spaar; winner: Erin Newton Wells

Erin Newton Wells:                  A Glory Around You
Lisa Russ Spaar:                        Bone Orchard Lunch Hour

  1. Anne Spencer Memorial, on overcoming adversity
    judge: John Hoppenthaler; winner: Wynn Yarbrough

Wynn Yarbrough:                    Picture of Suffering along Railroad Tracks with Sailboat, Flowers
John Hoppenthaler:                 A Walk By The Old House Before Visiting The Nursing Home

  1. New Voices, for poets who have not yet won a 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize in our annual contests
    judge: Shonda Buchanan; winner: Cathy Haily

Cathy Haily:                              Passage through the Sinks
Shonda Buchanan:                   the country our house has become

  1. Honoring Fatherhood Award, on fathers and/or their sacrifices
    judge: Alicia Clavell; winner: Peter LaBerge

Peter LaBerge:                         Parallax For My Birth Name

  1. Ekphrastic Poetry Award, any form, on a work of art other than poetry
    judge: Sofia Starnes; winner: Judy Whitehill Witt

Judy Whitehill Witt:                Man with a Glove
Sofia Starnes:                           Why Honeymoons Are Brief

  1. Emma Gray Trigg Memorial, a lyric poem
    judge: Brian Henry; winner: Peter LaBerge

Emma Gray Trigg                    Fiametta Grows Old
(Peter LaBerge’s category winner, “Makeshift Cathedral” will appear in Pleiades, Winter 2017)

  1. Karma Deane Ogden Memorial, any form, any subject
    judge: Luisa A. Igloria; winner: E. Gail Chandler

E. Gail Chandler:                    Death At A Mission School
Luisa A. Igloria:                       Syllogism

  1. Loretta Dunn Hall Memorial, on family
    judge: Susan Heroy; winner: Erin Newton Wells

Erin Newton Wells:                  My Grandmother’s Bowl And Pitcher
Susan Heroy:                             Amiga

  1. Undergraduate Poetry Award, on loss, or overcoming a setback, or any strong feeling
    judge: Lori Dixon; winner: Christina Cox

Christina Cox:                          Elementary School Breakup Poem
Lori Dixon:                                If All Those Years Ago

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