King of Equality By Edward W. Lull

His legacy was Georgia-born,
and preaching was his call.
His message was a simple one:
equality for all.

At first his voice was heard by just
the faithful of his flock.
Was “equal rights for all” the key
to racial bonds unlock?

He led the marches through the South
for justice to prevail.
But often keepers of the law
put Martin King in jail.

Despite indignities he faced,
he took them all in stride
and made his plea for freedom heard;
his fame spread nationwide.

His peaceful coexistence text
became a Movement’s theme.
Could races live in harmony?
That quest – his lifelong dream.

Though change proved hard for some to face
the vision he would build.
So when a bigot took his life,
his dream was unfulfilled.

Inequities and biased views
have never gone away.
But Martin Luther King’s life work
continues to this day.