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Why join? To enjoy the camaraderie, the joie de vivre of being with other poets in regional and local events. To enter our annual contest without a fee!

As a member, you are invited to actively join the Society’s efforts to encourage excellence in the writing of poetry and a greater appreciation of poetry. There are opportunities for you to help us build a better and more responsive Society—just raise your hand and volunteer!

We are organized in five regions with a vice president for each region. We have at least one meeting in each region each year, and a two-day festival meeting in May. Our regional meetings typically include an open reading, a luncheon, a program, and, usually, a guest reader.

Our newsletter, A Common Wealth of Poetry, is published at least six times a year and is mailed, or emailed, about two weeks prior to our meetings. The newsletter has information about upcoming meetings and other events. Selected members’ poetry is published in the newsletter.

Annual Dues

Dues are due annually and may be paid in one, two, or three year increments. The more time you pay for at once, the more you save!

Purchasing a lifetime membership settles your dues in perpetuity.

Special discounted memberships are available for students and classrooms.


Members may pay their dues by check through the mail or online using PayPal.

By check:
Poetry Society of Virginia
PO Box 14046
Newport News VA 23608

Pay Online:

Standard Memberships

Pay Online Annual Membership -- One Year: $35.00

Pay Online Annual Membership -- Two Years: $60.00

Pay Online Annual Membership -- Three Years: $85.00

Pay Online Lifetime Membership -- Paid in perpetuity: $450

Educational Memberships

Pay Online Student Membership -- One Year: $10

Pay Online Classroom Membership -- One Year: $10