Archives of the Poetry Society of Virginia

Archives of the Poetry Society of Virginia

The Archives of the Poetry Society of Virginia (PSV) contain documents relating to the history of the Society. They are held in the Special Collections Department of the James Branch Cabell Library of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond and are open to the public.

Anyone may contribute documents relating to the Society’s history by either a) conveying them to the Archivist, preferably in person at PSV events or by mail at the address below, or b) delivering them to the VCU Special Collections Department in person.

Contributors are urged to provide the Archivist with paper copies (originals or photocopies) of all PSV-related reports and official documents which they generate, as well as flyers, posters, news releases, periodical articles, and obituaries, the last two with name of publication, date, and page numbers. Photographs will certainly be highly prized by a future researcher. They should be photographically processed, which is preferable to being printed in ink (which fades quickly) or being stored on rapidly changing electronic formats (e.g., CDs).

Please note that books should not be submitted for the Archives unless they have been produced by or under the auspices of the PSV.

The documentation of the PSV’s early years is currently very sparse. We need help! Therefore,

a) members are urged to consider writing memoirs about information they know or even may have simply heard concerning earlier years, since even hearsay may prove to be a valuable lead to a future researcher.

b) Some may wish to conduct interviews with older members relating to anything about earlier years which might be of interest to later generations. In light of the limited shelf life of mechanically-recorded formats or electronic media, the contents or at least the gist of all interviews should also be preserved on paper, if only in handwritten form.

c) Potential contributors are also requested to be alert in their reading to any reference at all to the early years of the PSV and provide the Archivist a full citation (title, publisher, date, page numbers), and if possible a photocopy of the text itself. For internet information, please provide the name of the webpage and/or organization sponsoring it, URL (web address at the top of your browser), date of access, and a printed copy of the information.

Warren M. Harris, Archivist
274 Bradley Street
Abingdon, VA 24210