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The editor would like to repeat his expression of thanks to all who helped make the 2016 Poetry Society of Virginia Poetry Contest, the 2016 Contest Ceremony, and this 2016 contest journal possible.

So listen up, 2016 contestants and contest judges; and hey, there, especially you, you winners and judges who contributed to this journal; plus you, you fellow members of the contest committee, and you fellow contest ceremony attendees; oh, and you too, Poetry Society of Virginia President, Robert Arthur, and of course you also, Poetry Society webmaster, Jeff Hewitt: I’m saying, Thank you!

I would also like to say, Thank you! to Bill Glose, who has posted videos of many of the first place poets reading their winning poems on his YouTube site Virginia Poetry Online. In fact, if you google Virginia Poetry Online you can find scores of Virginia poets reading their poems! You’ll see and hear 14 of ours under the Poetry Virginia Contest Winners Playlist.

And thank you to Sally Kannemeyer, who helped with the cover design. (Cover image, “Rain on the Nickel Bridge,” by the editor.)

I would like to invite any member who wishes to contribute artwork to next year’s issue, or to help with the design or the lay-out or even just the proffreadink – or maybe to take the future reins of the business – to contact me at

And here’s one last reminder to past first place winners:
If you’d like us to run your vintage first prize poem in our 2017 issue, contact us at We’ll need the year and category it won in, a copy of the poem, and any previous publication details.

Details about next year’s contest will be available in the fall. Visit




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