2020 Poetry Society of Virginia Adult Contest Award Winners

Category 1. Edgar Allan Poe (any form and subject)

1st Edward Wright Haile: "I Am at War with Nature"   2nd Chapman Hood Frazier: "Leaving the Homeplace: A Sonnet Sequence"   3rd Erin Lambert Hartman: "The Gifts the Dead Receive"   Honorable Mention Erin Wells: "Virginia Poetry"

Category 2. Sarah Lockwood (sonnet in rhyme & meter)

1st Chapman Hood Frazier: "Hunting in the High Barn" 2nd Erin Wells: "Still Life, in Various Pieces" 3rd Barbara Blanks: "The Sham"   Honorable Mention Bill Ayres: "Counter Sonnet"

Category 3. Bess Gresham (friendship)

1st Bill Glose: "Non-Sequitur"  2nd Chapman Hood Frazier: "Day Two: Dublin in Fractals of Four"   3rd Sally Zakariya: "FaceBook Everlasting"  Honorable Mention Nick Sweet: "Decent Descent"

Category 4. Carleton Drewry (farming, working the earth)

1st Donna Isaac: "Rustica"  2nd Sharon Ackerman: "Late Winter Liturgy"  3rd Chapman Hood Frazier: "Morning On The Benedict Haid Farm"  Honorable Mention Katharyn Howd Machan: "Richard G. Hutchinson: Redwing, 1888"

Category 5. Brodie Herndon Memorial (heroism)

1st Erin Wells: "Fleming"  2nd Donna Isaac: "Hero"  3rd Daniel Pearlman: "The Painter"  Honorable Mention Chapman Hood Frazier: "Beyond the Pane"

Category 6. Nancy Byrd Turner (in a traditional form)

1st Tammy Tillotson: "XVIII"  2nd Eric Forsbergh: "A Meditation Up on Ingham Stream"  3rd Elizabeth Spencer Spragins: "Demon Eyes (A Rannaigheacht Ghairid)" Honorable Mention Donna Isaac: "Coitus Interruptus"

Category 7. Judah, Sarah, Grace, Tom (inter-ethnic relations)

1st Donna Isaac: "Helping Out"  2nd Adele Gardner: "The Sounds of Love"  3rd Sharon Dorsey: "Who Are the Immigrants"

Category 8. Cenie Moon (a woman or women)

1st Beverly Subudhi: "Prosthesis"  2nd Nancy Cook: "Daphne, Reincarnate"  3rd Allen M. Weber: "Imagining Miya"

Category 9. Handy Andy (limerick)

1st Erin Wells: "The Monodon Monoceros, or Narwhal To You"  2nd Katharyn Howd Machan: "White"   3rd Jerri Hardesty: "Secret Stash"

Category 10. Ada Sanderson (nature)

1st Erin Wells: "Voyeur, Earth Undressing At The Solstice"

Category 11. Charlotte Wise (any form and subject)

1st Derek Kannemeyer: "Tickling Her"  2nd William Prindle: "Stafford's Last Year"  3rd Bill Glose: "Where You Were When It Happened"   Honorable Mention Bill Ayres: "During the Twentieth Century"

Category 12. Robert S. Sergeant (birds)

1st Wendell Hawken: "Absence"  Honorable Mention Derek Kannemeyer: "Osprey, Carp, Bald Eagle"   Honorable Mention Bill Ayres: "Time To Stop Looking"

Category 13. Elizabeth Neuwirth (Ekphrastic, iambic pentameter)

1st Derek Kannemeyer: "Erich Heckel: Die Blinde, 1916"  2nd Erin Wells: "The Lady With An Ermine"   3rd Bill Ayres: "Exposure: You and You and You Again"

Category 14. Laura Day Boggs Bolling (for children of 10-12)

1st Erin Wells: "How We Saved Summer"  2nd Linda Partee: "Wombats And The Full Moon"  3rd Julia Travers: "The New Book"  Honorable Mention Thomas Jenkins: "Blue Chords"

Category 15. Miriam Rachimi (spiritual impact of loss or near loss)

1st Donna Isaac: "After Chores"  2nd Robert Gluck: "The Garden"  3rd Eric Forsbergh: "AJ and the Chipper"  Honorable Mention Zeina Azzam: "You Could Tell Yourself "

Category 16. Campbell Prize (Narrative poem)

1st Barbara Blanks: “Uprooting the Family Tree”  2nd Bill Ayres: “The Invention of Slavery”  3rd Richard Rose: “two stanzas from ‘Things Need Not Be This Way’ ” Honorable Mention Chapman Hood Frazier: “The Girl Next Door”

Category 17. Raymond Levi Haislip (celebrating technology)

1st Erin Wells: "Mountain Technology" 2nd Bill Ayres: "Ode to My Lawnmower" 3rd Daniel Pearlman: "Defenestration"

Category 18. Elizabeth J. Urquhart Memorial (a sense of place)

1st Eric Forsbergh: "Massachusetts Colonial Farmhouse Auction” 2nd Chapman Hood Frazier: “Tangier Island” 3rd Ellaraine Lockie: “You Know You’re in Montana . . .” Honorable Mention M. Lee Alexander: “Postcard from Edinburgh”

Category 19. New Voices

1st Doris McGehee: "An Outing"  2nd Nancy Cook: "Reclamation"  3rd Matt Dhillon: "Working"  Honorable Mention Les Bares: "And The Glory"

Category 20. Honoring Fatherhood

1st Ruth Holzer: "Legacy"  2nd Eric Forsbergh: "To My Father, Poet Carpenter"  3rd Laura J. Bobrow: "At the Dining Room Table" Honorable Mention Angela V. Clevinger: "My TV Dads"

Category 21. Ekphrastic Poetry Award

1st Erin Wells: "The Listening Room"  2nd Daniel Pearlman: "Rolling a Joint on a Photo of Kurt Vonnegut Smoking"  3rd Bill Glose: "Stone Circle"  Honorable Mention Richard Rose: "Five Stations of the Resurrection"

Category 22. Ann Spencer (facing up to adversity)

1st Wendell Hawken: "Gravity"  2nd Ken Sutton: "Hector & George"  3rd Donna Isaac: "Meditation"

Category 23. Casablanca (performance poetry)

1st Matt Dhillon: "Whole Numbers  2nd  Obelia Akanke: "Mama's Night Fight"  3rd Crickyt J Meyer: "Power of Poetry"  Honorable Mention Jerri Hardesty: "Three Words"

Category 24. Don Frew & John Newcomb (any form and subject)

1st Chapman Hood Frazier: “Day 11: The Aran Island of Inishmore"  2nd Erin Wells: "Kneeling Figure"  3rd Bill Ayres: "When We Paid Off The Mortgage"  Honorable Mention Katharyn Howd Machan: "William Stanley: Redwing 1888"

Category 25. Emma Gray Trigg (lyric poetry)

1st Katharyn Howd Machan: "Autumn"  2nd William Prindle: "Consonance and Assonance and All"  3rd Andy Fogle: "Early Morning Rain"  Honorable Mention Eric Forsbergh: "Taking Out the Canoe Before Sunrise"

Category 26. Karma Deane Ogden (any form and subject)

1st Adele Gardner: "Microscope Girl"  2nd Derek Kannemeyer: "Photograph of the One Passenger..."   3rd Sarah EN Kohrs: "Our Bodies Always Seem"  Honorable Mention Chapman Hood Frazier: "After the Famine Times"

Category 27. Loretta Dunn (family)

1st Erin Wells: "Blackberry Wine"  2nd Sharon Ackerman: "Appalachian Migration, Indiana, 1964"   3rd Diana Woodcock: "What's A Grown Child To Do"

Category 28. Undergraduate Poetry

1st Joseph Felkers: "Jesus Disguises Himself, Lower Peninsula   2nd Eliza Browning: "Girl Saint"  3rd Colton Adrian: "Clinic"  Honorable Mention Brianna L. DeSimone: "Unsent Letters"

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