We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 Poetry Society of Virginia Student Contest.

Founded in 1923 at the College of William and Mary, the PSoV (Poetry Society of Virginia) is the second oldest state poetry society in the nation. The Society sponsors annual contests for students and adults, offers programs for schools throughout the Commonwealth, and maintains an active calendar of meetings, opportunities and events for poets old and young.

Our 2019 Student Poetry Contest was a great success. There were just under 500 students competing this year with many fine entries. We offer congratulations to all the winners, though the ultimate champion is the cause of poetry in Virginia as a whole -- every student who entered should stand tall with pride in their work. Many of the poems entered were simply stunning. Lastly, I want to thank all of the judges for the work they put in here. The results speak for themselves.

We're beginning the process of mailing out awards and certificates to schools next week. Please feel free to contact me at j.hewitt@me.com if you have any questions.

-- Jeff Hewitt, PSoV Contest Chair.


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All poems are copyrighted 2019 by the respective authors and may not be used elsewhere without their express permission.



S-1 Grades 3-4 -- Judge: Christy Lumm
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st A Storm Harris M Cindy Peavy 3
2nd Rainforest Ben B. Cindy Peavy 3
3rd Giraffe Charlie P. Cindy Peavy 3
S-2 Grades 5-6 -- Judge: Bob Kelly
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st “Overprotective” Lyla Meredith Sayre Mrs. Grayson 5
2nd “Snow” Simon Yi Miss Miesko 5
3rd My Crazy Siblings Nolan T. Krisik Miss Miesko 5
S-3 Grades 7-8 -- Judge: Michal Mahgerefteh
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st Times Like This Henry Kerr Anne Merkel 8
2nd Double Life Andrew Carlson Eric Schlabach 7
3rd If You Were a Fairy Tale Kate Mason Anne Merkel 8
Honorable Mention #1 I Know the Right Wave will Come Maren Cooper Anne Merkel 8
Honorable Mention #2 Floodgate Anne Ellis Bohannon Hilary Steel 8
Honorable Mention #3 Catching Sharks Cash Jacob Nelson Eric Schlabach 7
S-4 Grades 9-10 -- Judge: Jeff Hewitt
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st Spring Sarah Lao Mary Heald 10
2nd Gen Z(eroed) Sophia Carmen Futrell Kelly Dillon 9
3rd My Life Madelynn Meyer Rebecca Lynch 9
Honorable Mention Nostalgia Alexa Marsh N/A 10
S-5 Grades 11-12 -- Judge: Daniel Pearlman
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st The Spot Philip Thomas Rodolfo Maruri Ron Smith 12
2nd On Walking Cora Mae Margaret Lewis Michele Surat 11
3rd Kidz Club Laura Wallace Sanchez 12
Honorable Mention Home Is Far from Where I Stand Gloria Wang Salma Saeedi 11
Honorable Mention self-portrait as wu zetian Vivian Zhao N/A 11
Spoken Word Prize 9-12 -- Judge: Tasia Weysweet
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st Freedom Jessica Ann Thorne Ms. Michele Surat 12
2nd I Love Apples Ryan Dorjderem Catherine Hailey 12
3rd Seeing the World Emily Cuttler Kaitlyn Schmit 12
The Jenkins Prize Grades 9-10 -- Judge: Joanna Lee
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st Night Fishing at Antibes Sarah Lao Mary Heald 10
2nd The Tear Collector Meredith Wyrick Amy Fleming 10
3rd I Am The Rainforest Elizabeth Mrs. Lumm 10
The Poetry Society Prize Grades 6-8 -- Judge: Eddie Dowe
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st Hermes and The Cattle of Apollo Kyley Rose Lazarus Maria Castells 7
2nd Lost Alexandra Blake Ms. Issa 6
3rd Cut Hair Bianca Maria Baron Mr. Stutzman 8
Honorable Mention Anxiety Attack Olivia TIll Eric Kursman 8
The Virginia Student Prize Grades 9-12 -- Judge: Molly Odell
Place Poem Student Teacher Grade
1st Cento for Water Gabriela Igloria Mr. Christian Fenley 12
2nd December 25th 2015 Lucy Farrell Ron Smith 12
3rd char-love-sville Maryam Alwan Charlotte Wood 11
Honorable Mention Storm Neil O'Connor Mrs. Lumm 10