You see me as a plain white girl, brown hair, brown eyes
Blending in with the crowd
Like a drop of water in the ocean
Tall like a Maple tree, but not tall enough to be seen over the surrounding Sycamores
You don’t see me
Bite my tongue to keep from laughing too loud or saying something stupid
For I am a floodgate
Held back by my own walls
But every once in a while, the gates open
Not worried about being judged
I no longer have brown eyes and hair, but wild hair sun-kissed with gold
Smiling brown eyes full of the sun
A laugh that takes your breath away, and a voice that grabs your attention like
Thunder clapping across the water, running at life just for the thrill
A girl reaching for something amongst the stars
But with a funny glance, the gates close again shutting out the rushing water
But one day the pressure will swell
And those towering walls will come crashing down
The sun-kissed smiling girl will be set free
Unshackled from the opinion of others
Never again biting her tongue
I hope she will use her drop of water to create a ripple
A ripple that touches millions of others
Rising them up in a towering wave
Anne Ellis Bohannon

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