I Am The Rainforest

I am the rainforest

The flowers which lay upon moist leaves

Dripping with rain

Yearning for the sunlight which they will never reach

The mirth of laughter and childlike joy, which weaves its way along my branches

Buried beneath the canopy


I feel like the soft river

Falling below the boughs of deep trees,


Under the sky, which finds itself more often cloaked with charcoal clouds

I reach for the heavens

Celestial blue

Burning coppers in the bleak morning


I cry, though I know that I need rain to survive,

For something else

A change in wind or weather, which may sweep its grace across the foggy air


Bleed the blinding color which hides behind the clouds

Let it trill upon my emerald fronds,

Bring back the lifeblood which courses through my rough bark

Beams of sun-rays which flick the course of a parrot’s wing


Sound the call of the rainforest’s first breath



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