If You Were a Fairy Tale

You would glide through the forest.

With each step you took,

chrysanthemums and lilacs

would blossom at your feet.

Finches and sparrows would flock

to your jade flower crown

to seek condolence.

You would stroke them and softly whisper.

Your luminescent face

would provide a guiding light

for all the creatures that followed you.

You would create the ebony path

to a rushing waterfall—

salmon and mackerel jumping to greet you.

You would remove your golden sandals

and dip your feet in a shallow pool of water.

You would perch on a bed of emerald moss

and gaze into the endless cobalt sky.


But this could never happen.

For every fairy tale must have a flaw,

a conflict,

an imperfection.

And even if it might not seem like it,

everything about you is perfect.

Kate Mason

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