Love Like Houses

Love Like Houses


We love like we build houses.

We gather plywood, bricks, and glass

Wooden slats to pitch roofs that will last

We build from nothing, from dirt, from grass -

And yet we build so much from that.

With every hello, and every shy blush

Our rooms grow larger, our gardens more lush

Walls meet at corners and bricks align square -

Until our house is a home, with us as its pair.

Maybe the curtains are yellow but the carpets are green

Her old oak piano blocks the view from the street

Burgundy upholstery and sofas with soup stains

A vintage television and wine racks with champagne ​​​​​​​

As we fall in love we build this home taller

Filling it with memories, photos, and signs of each other

Sometimes houses can be rich, and grow into mansions

Some are contemporary while some are more ancient

Cottages, farmhouses, and cabins by lakes -

But sometimes, the houses we build

Are only meant to break.

No matter how well we filled it with pieces of us

If the foundation is weak, or if there is no trust

The walls will crumble, then the ceilings, the floors

Until one day you realize

That the home you built is not a home anymore.

But if you feel sad, never forget

That it’s okay to build houses

Because next time, you’ll know how to build it again.


Jewel Nguyen

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