My Life


Well, I am from number two pencils

from Campbell's tomato soup

and Luigi's Pizza

I originated from the home of the tigers

As powerful as it can get—

For tiny children

I am the orchid

That smelled of home

the jazz

Fingers twitching under my desk awaiting freedom

Like an open window


I’m from the misfits

and honor roll

from Mrs. Kenny and

Frozen water bottles

Who taught me how to think clearly

I’m from the well mannered

and kind

Treat people the way you want to be treated

To arrive at a better place after life

Toes tingling, waiting for my streetside bus


turned away from conformity

and kneehigh socks

I’m from the joy filled christmas tree,

that always leaves us too soon

I hold my heart more tightly than my phone

I’m from the green shutters

Of my childhood home

Grilled burgers and tater-tot casserole.

From the Winnie the Pooh blanket

That I clenched so dearly to me

through my youngest days

the striking red hair

From none other my mother

The bravest woman of all


On the sidelines

I am the only one

Who doesn’t possess the

Bright red locks

But when you open your eyes

and see

That I am

Where I belong



Madelynn Meyer

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