Let me take you to a place where children never grow
No suits, no ties, no dry cracked hands, the days all roll by slow
The common oppression of the past isn't welcome here
This place is called Neverland, where the sheep need not fear

The boy who worked the fields til dark, here he may find peace
The girl whose father has heavy hands, here she will soundly sleep
Here the days of old are just but that, and have no weight
The child's brigade keeps eyeful watch and always defends the gate

The path to Neverland is shown by a shadow on the wall
Some think him to be malicious, but he just wants good for all
Captain Hook has no power here, the children are safe and sound
No evil shall ever touch them once their little feet leave the ground

The weary, weak and beaten have no need to cry any more
This place is here for the innocent, no more sleeping on the floor
So children, know that someday, you will take good Peter's hand
And he will lead you to a place that I call Neverland.

Wake up from the fever dream, yet again not what it seems
Bottle of jack and opioids on the desk helps me when i need to rest
Scars from childhood never faded, mom's left hook still has me jaded
I was a boy, now I'm a man, still praying like hell for peter pan.


William Scot French

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