Night Fishing at Antibes

Spiral of deformity, fractured

house of mirrors. To begin

in the disarray, you must trek

the whole edge of canvas.


Start in the backdrop. A chateau

blooms purple hydrangea,

each waxy petal a doorway

cracking open to shadowed gorge.


Now look for the light source: a chrome

yellow moon, starry moth, and two

kerosene lamps. The scene whimpers

in a nocturnal scale, oozes the occult.


But on the right, two bodies are

conceived. Both mistress and wife

overhang the cliff as precarious as

the bicycle balanced on one wheel.


And maybe he can ignore all this. Focus

only on the canoe, the French Riviera,

the spear. Forget his partner’s foot caught

in a line and track the barracuda below.


You’re in the center now. For a moment,

everything is clear, and your hand is suspended

over the spear. Clench and unclench. ​​​​​​​

Sarah Lao

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