V35 Open Mic

Every Monday at 7pm.
The Venue at 35th St.
Event Description: 

Every Monday night folks at The Venue set the stage, check the sound system and turn on the stage lights. Then they open the doors to the area's poets and performing artists - inviting them to take the stage and share their artistic expressions with others. We also invite the public to come watch, listen, and, applaud the performers. The setting is intimate and supportive - intended for people serious about art. "It's not about the food and drinks - it's about what's happening on the stage." It's about having a safe space for the new artists to perform for the first time. It's about veteran artists having a space to experiment and perform pieces for the first time. It's about having a place that inspires new work... It's about a lot of things. Come see for yourself, any Monday night - we'll be here. Hosted by Jorge Mendez.