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Black Cat Halloween

Adele Gardner
Judge's Comments on this Category: 

"The Knife-Switch -- There's a wonderfully rustic quality to the presentation here. The musical accompaniement is well chosen for mood and effect, and the language summons a glimpse of small-town Americana. You get a real sense of place from this piece, that isn't easy to replicate."

"I Talk Too Much -- The manic quality of the performance here strongly conveys what it feels like to be around the persona embedded within the piece. There are points here where I laughed out loud, and the repetition of the title phrase throughout the work ties it together nicely. The shift towards the end to a more serious tone is effective."

"Black Cat Halloween -- I adore the subject material here, and the piece is well performed. The notion of black cats as some sort of supernatural enforcers of justice is fun. The just audible, actual cat meowing at points in the background is a deft, subtle touch." -- Jeff Hewitt

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